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Oncology Residency

Beaumont’s Oncology Clinical Residency is a 12-month post-graduate educational program for licensed physical therapists. This residency program in comprehensive cancer rehabilitation management will advance a physical therapist’s knowledge and skills in patient/client management with a focus on expert practice.

Residency graduates are highly valued as specialized practitioners. In addition, individuals who complete the program may have the opportunity to become involved as faculty in future residencies.

Residency overview

Our oncology residency for physical therapists (PT) is intended to advance the clinical care of post-graduate rehabilitation professionals as it relates to patients with cancer.

This postgraduate clinical residency is intended to significantly advance the clinical skills, knowledge, and advocacy for PTs in the realm of cancer rehabilitation.

In addition, this program is intended to prepare PTs for Specialist Certification Examination in Oncologic Physical Therapy (commonly known as board certification). The educational curriculum is intended to be a practical, interactive, varied learning experience in a variety of interdisciplinary settings with a number of cancer rehabilitation approaches.

This approach leverages the diverse, comprehensive resources available and offered through the Beaumont system. This program comprises approximately 12 months of clinical, academic, and hands-on experience to advance the practice of PT clinicians for a variety of cancer diagnoses. In extenuating circumstances, and with the prior approval of the oncology residency core faculty and the resident’s direct manager, a resident may be granted an extension to complete his/her residency.

Program Outcomes Data 2018-2020

Graduation Rate = 100% (10/10 residents)
Employment Rate in Oncology after Graduation = 100% (10/10 residents)
Specialty Exam Pass Rate = 100% (7/7 residents)

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