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Faculty Scholars Program in Integrative Healthcare


Beaumont’s Integrative Medicine department is offering a Faculty Scholars Program (FSP) in Integrative Healthcare. This ten-month-long, interdisciplinary program will provide an opportunity to explore the theoretical principles, clinical practices and evidence related to complementary, alternative and integrative therapies.

This program has been offered by the University of Michigan Medical School for over 10 years. The goal of starting FSP at Beaumont is to expand the program and bring it to a community based physician environment.

Upon completion of the program, participants will:

  • intellectually know about the science, practice, safety, and efficacy of integrative approaches to health and disease
  • ask appropriate questions in assessing patient’s history (nutrition, sleep, diet, exercise, use of complementary modalities) for appropriate diagnosis and treatment planning
  • listen mindfully, and respond respectfully and sensitively to patients from diverse populations who use integrative medicine practices
  • recommend appropriate integrative health promotion strategies for disease prevention and health maintenance to their patients
  • demonstrate respect for professional counsel patients on the safety and efficacy of integrative medicine approaches for various diseases
  • construct evidence based treatment plans using integrative medicine for health promotion and disease prevention
  • make appropriate integrative medicine treatment-related referrals to appropriately trained community providers
  • collaborate effectively with professionals outside of their own specialty in treatment planning for their patients
  • locate reputable resources online of evidence based information on integrative medicine

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