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  • "This experience has validated me in my calling to chaplaincy as well as taught me an invaluable lesson: formation is never finished."
  • "The CPE experience here at Beaumont was great with a variety of experiences. It was intense and I appreciated the support I received from everyone, particularly from those in this group, peers as well as supervisors. I have grown from this experience and will be a better minister, community member, and person because of it."
  • "The tools I learned will be forever ingrained within me. The listening skills, the empathy, the need for reflection and self-care are things that I will take with me into my rabbinate."
  • "It is my goal that I do not forget what I have learned and that I continue to acknowledge the growth that has taken place within me. It has been refreshing... to actually 'do' ministry."
  • "The ecumenical composition of my group has inspired me to seek this in the future, both in seminary and in the work field. It is important to be surrounded by colleagues in ministry who belong to varying faith traditions."
  • "I am grateful to have shared my CPE experience with such a diverse and dedicated group of men and women. What impacted me the most about the group was our ability to trust one another in disclosing personal and intimate aspects of our lives, which contributed to establishing long-lasting relationships."
  • "I am learning about the areas I wish to grow in, the things I wish to change about myself, the ideas I would like to strengthen, and the things I take pride in. All that I am learning in this program I will take with me. I will take it to the next place I go, to my next learning experience, my next job, and into my rabbinate. I believe that I am learning how to offer support and counseling in any situation."
  • "CPE has given me many opportunities for growth. One surprising area for me has been a growth of competency in prayer. I also learned to listen for what will be meaningful for the family, and to incorporate those thoughts and wishes, and even the styles of prayer which will most comfort them, into the prayer. Who I am and what I do come together most vividly for me in the moment of prayer."
  • "The pastoral formation aspect of this CPE program has been surprisingly influential... I have been able to strengthen areas in which I am otherwise weak... I have come to understand the effectiveness of this tool as well as desire to grow in a deeper understanding and identity with my own liturgical tradition."
  • "Among our small group, we spanned many different faith traditions, genders, ethnicities, and ages. I have found that reflecting theologically on my experiences with my fellow interns as well as seeking to learn more about their religions and backgrounds has been beneficial in my interactions with patients within the hospital."
  • "I learned to apply the clinical methods of learning through the help of supervision. I can reflect on previous opportunities and take another look at how I responded in certain situations to see if there would have been a better response."
  • "I would never have believed that such a diverse group, in terms of social location, personality, tradition, and theology would have come together so well."
  • "I knew before beginning CPE that it would be a challenging program. I expected it to be intense physically and emotionally, but I also anticipated learning a great deal. I had no idea just how much I would learn. I never imagined that I might actually enjoy the work that I did this summer."
  • "I learned that prayer is a form of conversation... Prayer, which began as such a difficult thing for me, became easier throughout the program."
  • “I reflect fondly on my CPE clinical and educational experience at Beaumont.  …Those experiences…are reflected in my thoughts and, I pray, my actions in my daily journey.  There is not one memory of CPE that comes to mind in a negative format.  I do know that my time in the CPE program has given me more self-confidence, which in turn has helped me to grow in faith and the practice of that faith in this diverse world.”
  • "I believe I am leaving this program a much more confident rabbinical student, someone who could handle most difficult situations. That is not to say I won't ever have anxieties, but I know now how to deal with my fears, how to accept them, how to face them, and how to overcome them."  

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