Beaumont HospitalProfessional Education

Learning Environment

As a teaching hospital with a diverse register of medical specialties, Beaumont offers medical residency programs for as many as 340 physicians seeking specialty training. Beaumont University offers a setting rich in opportunities for learning, providing training for skilled professionals in medical technology, nuclear medicine, nursing, pastoral education, radiation oncology, radiology, respiratory care, social work, and surgery technology, as well as general training in medical terminology, patient assistance and customer satisfaction. 

The integrated approach to holistic patient care offers learners opportunities to tap into a network of interdisciplinary care-giving alliances. We combine a caring, patient-centered approach with the latest technology to provide each patient with the best possible health care. The characteristic constants in our history are growth, development geared to a single concern, enunciated in our Mission Statement - To provide all patients the highest quality health care services - delivered efficiently, effectively, and compassionately.

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