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International Students

Prospective international students who are non-residents of the United States should apply for admission to Beaumont's CPE Center several months in advance of the deadline for admission. Upon acceptance into a program, the Beaumont CPE Center will contact the ACPE office and request a visa application packet. A packet will be sent to the student and the ACPE supervisor. Some forms must be completed by the student, others are to be completed by the supervisor. Your completed forms must be returned to ACPE six months before the anticipated start date of the CPE program for which you have applied.

International student chaplains who are non-residents of the United States of America will need to obtain the necessary visa (J-1) for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).

Once all application forms are received, ACPE will send the student form DS-2019 to take to the U.S. embassy in your country to request the visa.

Students who are currently in the U.S. on another type of visa who want to request a transfer to ACPE sponsorship must also submit Form I-539, which can be downloaded from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services web site

The embassy will issue the visa, deny the request, or ask for more information. ACPE does not have any control over this process or how long it may take. The visa must be issued and on file at Beaumont before the student can begin the unit of CPE.

Our application process for international students observes and complies with the requirements of the ACPE Exchange Visitor Program implemented under the authority and regulations of the United States Department of State, outlined below:

ACPE Exchange Visitor Program
United States Department of State
Governing Regulations of Section 514.22 Trainees
(Final Rule: March 19, 1993 – 22 CFR Part 514)

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