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Faculty development

The Marcia and Eugene Applebaum Simulation Learning Center offers a variety of faculty preparation and faculty development courses online. These programs are free of charge and open to all interested in simulation in medical education, especially those interested in designing and delivering courses in the Institute.

Self-study faculty development

Simulation in medical education

This one-hour course provides an overview of the history of simulation in general, the history of simulation in medicine, and an explanation for why it is effective. Further, this course highlights the various documentation required for courses, workshops, conferences, simulations and case studies in the Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute. Take the course to learn more.

Orientation to SimMan classic

This slide-show course provides a thorough introduction to the features and functions of SimMan Classic, a fully computer operated human patient simulator. At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to find SimMan’s pulse, describe standard and surgical procedures you can perform on SimMan, use the instructor interface, use the patient vitals monitor and explain the simulation environment to your learner audience.

One-on-one faculty development

In addition to the self-study courses listed above, one-on-one faculty development is available.

For assistance with writing learning objectives, scenario development, learner evaluation, program evaluation and curriculum development, contact Diane Schuch, M.Ed., at 248-898-0907 or

For orientation to one of our virtual reality or human physiological simulators and learn how to write a simulation scenario, contact

Diane Schuch, 248-898-0907
Katrina Holmes at 248-898-3268
Kristen Dale at 248-898-2514

We currently have the following simulators

  • SimMan Classic
  • SimMan 3G
  • SimMom
  • SimJunior
  • SimBaby
  • SimPremie Anne
  • SonoSim
  • Mimic Robotic simulator
  • GI-Bronch Mentor simulator
  • SimSurgery Laparoscopic simulator
  • VIST endovascular simulator 

For assistance getting started on the program packet, which is required to secure a course reservation in the Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute, contact Lisa Baker at 248-898-5566 or

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