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Level III

IAYT Accreditation for the Didactic and Clinical Externship Programs at the Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy (BSYT Level II and Level III)

Housed within Beaumont Health Integrative Medicine, the program provides students with an environment of vast educational opportunities including on-site clinical rotations and interdisciplinary didactics for medical and yoga therapy students. A faculty made up of MDs, PhDs and CIAYTs support the academically based model of the program. 

The combined 300-hour didactic and 500-hour clinical externship programs at the Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy (BSYT Level II and Level III) are accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. (For more information, visit: BSYT is dedicated to the professionally minded yoga student committed to long term study in the clinical applications of yoga therapy. 

The graduate will be able to substantiate advanced study, training and experience in on-site, mentored clinical applications of yoga therapy within the hospital as well as be able to demonstrate proficiency in the yoga philosophies of health and healing, ethics, techniques, methodologies and practical applications as they apply to yoga. 

Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy: Structure The two years of didactic lectures are classified into six units of study and include: policies and protocols, structural/musculoskeletal, stress reduction, life cycles, endocrine/immune systems and the circulatory system. Each unit of study includes sessions that are generally offered once a month. Students must successfully complete each unit exam. Practicum aspects of the curriculum are strongly emphasized. The student must document experience in yoga therapy instruction in order to be considered for clinical externship. Students who successfully complete the didactic portion of the program (Level II) are eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance at the 500 level. 

Clinical externship involves sessions scheduled over a thirteen month period. Clinical externs offer yoga therapy applications in symptom specific areas hospital wide as well as one-on-one scheduled yoga therapy encounters in a mentored environment in the Integrative Medicine Department of the hospital. All mentored yoga therapy clinical encounters and patient documentation are HIPAA compliant. The yoga therapy clinical extern must present findings of their independent study representing a primary focus in the applications of clinical yoga therapy. Students who successfully complete both the combined didactic (Level II) and clinical externship (Level III) programs are eligible to apply for certification with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (CIAYT).


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