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Reiki Therapy Level 1

Introduction to Reiki Therapy: The research and the science

Training objectives

  • define relevant medical and scientific terms and concepts
  • explain the physiology of stress and its role in disease
  • describe the underlying principles and therapeutic mechanisms of Reiki therapy
  • summarize research studies noting statistically significant results with Reiki treatment
  • perform a self- Reiki session to observe its use as a tool for stress reduction and self-care
  • recognize the standard Reiki therapy treatment protocol
  • identify energy variations in the human body

Reiki Therapy Level 2

Learning to Facilitate Healing for Others

Training objectives

  • brief review of key concepts
  • describe the impact of emotions on health
  • learn and practice the standard Reiki Therapy treatment protocol, plus specialized techniques for pain relief
  • explain the neurological, psychological and energetic impacts of chronic pain
  • identify the location of the endocrine glands and their function and their interface with the chakra system
  • understanding the use of symbols in Reiki Therapy and learn the Level 2 Reiki symbols
  • recognize appropriate languaging to use in the healthcare setting
  • hands-on Reiki Therapy practice

Reiki Therapy Level 3

Advanced Practitioner - Master Level

Training objectives

  • discuss the challenges / lessons from the 25 required sessions
  • case study presentations
  • share insights from the required reading
  • review pain relief techniques, standard protocols and symbols
  • experience a chakra awareness guided meditation
  • learn about and reflect on core beliefs and their impact on self and others
  • identify the impact of past trauma on the energetic and spiritual levels
  • develop a deeper understanding if the endocrine glands and the chakra system
  • learn 6 new advanced level techniques
  • learn and practice the Master Level symbols
  • discuss Service versus Helping – the spiritual level of Reiki
  • hands-on practice of advanced practice techniques

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