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Six days (48 hours) of classroom instruction will be followed by 52-hour clinical rotation in both in-patient and outpatient clinics.

Lectures and discussions will cover the following plus many more topics

  • pathophysiology of cancer
  • cancer stages
  • common cancer treatments
  • cancer medications
  • side effects
  • mind-body-spirit connection
  • recent research proving efficacy of therapeutic massage on cancer symptoms
  • working with the terminally ill patients
  • contraindications
  • scar work
  • lymphedema signs and symptoms
  • working in a hospital setting
  • two days of hands-on training

Clinical experience

Clinical rotation hours are highly supervised and should be completed within three (3) months of classroom work. These hours are scheduled based on each student’s request. Students will work directly with patients in infusion centers, medical short stay, hospice, pediatrics and many more departments. Students will also treat oncology and medical patients with one-hour long massages in our Integrative Medicine’s clinical offices.

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