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Human Patient Simulator

The Oakland University - Beaumont Nurse Anesthesia Program of Nurse Anesthesia offers the most advanced technology available including Human Patient Simulation Technology, online courses, and a well-established distance education program. The 5,500 square foot, $4.5 million Marcia & Eugene Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute is designed to educate surgical teams in advanced techniques through a combination of computer simulation and laboratory skills.

The Learning Institute has two mock operating rooms where anesthesia students can approximate the complexities of anesthesia in a simulated environment to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills. This takes place under the educational guidance of Laura Rodgers, CRNA, DNAP, Simulation Coordinator for the Oakland University - Beaumont Nurse Anesthesia Program.

Here, students can rehearse everything from basic skills to management of difficult case scenarios including high frequency, low acuity cases. The simulation experience consists of a pre-briefing, establishing learning goals, technical introduction, a theory module, conduct of the clinical scenario and debriefing. The institute has everything from task trainers to high-tech classrooms with distance learning capabilities through two-way communication systems.

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