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Neuroradiology Fellowship, Royal Oak


Goals & objectives

The fellowship program is designed to provide fellows with an organized, comprehensive supervised educational experience in Neuroradiology. Goals and objectives are as follows

  • understand the indications and contraindications for neuroimaging and neurointerventional studies and procedures including CT, MRI,myelography, ultrasonography, PET, and angiography
  • experience in interpretation of neuroimaging studies including CT, MRI, myelography, ultrasonography, PET, and angiography
  • performing and interpreting diagnostic and therapeutic neuroradiologic procedures including cerebral and spinal angiography, myelography, discography, biopsies, image-guided spinal pain management, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, and neurointerventional endovascular interventions
  • perform preprocedural clinical evaluation of patients and providing postprocedural care
  • experience in communicating with patients, referring physicians, and other medical personnel

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Fellowship Programs
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