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Breast Disease Fellowship, Royal Oak

Scope of Service

The staff at Beaumont Hospital treat nearly 1,000 women with breast cancer annually. Additionally, working along side the surgeon in the Breast Care Center is Dr. Ruth Lerman, a senologist (an internist specializing in the treatment of non-surgical breast diseases). Dr. Lerman's patients include women at high risk for the development of breast cancers as well as women with mastalgia, nipple discharge, breast cysts, and/or abnormal mammograms. With five full-time dedicated breast surgeons in addition to the senologist, fellows are afforded ample opportunity to gain experience in all facets of the management of women with benign and malignant breast diseases.

The hospital performs more than 65,000 mammograms per year and is consistently one of the top ten accruing sites in the NSABP B-32 and NSABP P-01 trials. Through the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Beaumont is recognized as a Community Oncology Research Program.

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Fellowship Programs
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