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Live Stream

Live web streaming is limited to a maximum of 20 connections.  If more than 20 connections occur, it may negatively impact the bandwidth for the entire health system.

To ensure the bandwidth is not impacted, live web streaming should be accessed in groups and not from individual offices. To ensure a successful connection, please complete the following steps prior to connecting to the live web stream:

  1. Open web browser and delete temporary internet history.
  2. In browser, click the link to access the Mediasite live streaming feed.
  3. The Live Stream link will take you to the Mediasite login screen. Click on the "use a Mediasite Login" hyperlink.
  4. Enter the username and password that was provided to you by the CME department (if you do not know the appropriate username and password, please email or call 947-522-1841 for assistance).
  5. Click watch and your video should open in another tab.

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