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Why can't I find a particular presentation?  I know a presentation was given, but cannot find it for online viewing.

  • Some speakers have asked not to be recorded.  We can only record presentations where the speaker provided permission to be recorded.
  • Currently only Medical, Pediatric, and Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds are being recorded for online viewing.  M&M, case conferences, tumor boards or other meetings where the primary focus is to discuss patient cases are not recorded.
How can I earn credits for watching online presentations?
  • If a presentation is eligible for credit, it will indicate so in the "Tags" section.  In order for a presentation to be eligible for CME credit, a post-test must be incorporated.  Some speakers have opted not to include a post-test.
How can I easily search for a presentation?
  • This online system has a very robust search feature.  Enter a search term in the upper right search box.  The system will scan through all presentations within the system for any instances where this term was listed on a slide.  Each presentation that contains the term you are searching for will appear along with a note regarding how many instances were found within each presentation.  Click on 'view details' to see the exact instances where the term is mentioned and click an instance to be taken directly to that point in the presentation.  

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