Multi-Organ Transplantation

Transplant Excellence For More Than Three Decades

Since the first kidney transplant in 1972, specialists in the Beaumont transplant program have performed more than 2,300 adult kidney transplants. With the opening of the Multidisciplinary Liver and Pancreatic Cancer Clinic and the addition of Dr. Alan Koffron, the first doctor in the world to perform minimally invasive liver donation procedures, Beaumont offers innovative treatments for liver and multi-organ transplantation. Beaumont patients have access to leading-edge clinical trials and groundbreaking medical research. Beyond clinical excellence, Beaumont generates superior results because of its team approach to patient care and expedited treatment and diagnosis.

Beaumont's Kidney Transplantation program has achieved some of the best outcomes in the nation. And our experts have pioneered these innovative procedures in organ donation and transplantation:

  • Minimally invasive liver directed therapy (liver tumors)
  • Laparoscopic liver donation

Beaumont is accredited by Medicare and the United Network for Organ Sharing, a national transplantation organization for kidney transplants. Our specialists routinely perform high-risk transplants, including those involving patients with viral hepatitis, repeat transplants and transplants in highly sensitized patients.

The Beaumont transplant team is led by Dr. Alan Koffron, director of multi-organ transplantation at Beaumont hospital, Royal Oak. One of the world's leading innovators in laparoscopic and live donor transplantation, Dr. Koffron brings to Beaumont an international clinical and academic reputation - and his extensive training and experience benefit all Beaumont transplant patients.

The Kidney Transplant Center at Beaumont is committed to providing comprehensive medical care to patients with chronic kidney disease. Beaumont offers minimally invasive laparoscopic nephrectomy for all its kidney donors. The highly skilled multidisciplinary transplant team will guide you in choosing the best possible individualized treatment options for end-stage renal disease. In addition to expert medical care the team provides each patient with the support and guidance to aid them on their transplant journey.

In August 2008 Beaumont Hospital opened a Multidisciplinary Liver and Pancreas Cancer Clinic, where patients see all of their specialists in one visit. All of the clinic's highly trained medical professionals have studied patient records and discussed the patient case before the patient arrives. The patient leaves the appointment with an individualized treatment plan. This new program demonstrates Beaumont's continued commitment to bringing our many specialists together as a team to provide individualized, evidence-based treatment for patients throughout the country.

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