Past and Present Fellows


Fellow   Year   Graduate Program   Current Position
  Peter Vogelsberg   2014 - 2015   MHSA,
University of Michigan
  Administrative Manager Cardiac Progressive Care Unit, Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak
  Erika Arndt   2014 - 2015   MPA, Oakland University   Manager of Preventative Cardiology & Clinic Services, Beaumont Hospital – Troy

Elizabeth Schnadt   2013 - 2014   MHA,
University of Iowa
  Client Services Manager, MediRevv
Allison Gates   2013 -
University of Michigan
  Manager, Digestive Health and Urology Centers of Excellence
Abrar Founas   2012 -
University of Michigan
  Business Manager, Surgical Services
Steven Schimpke   2012 -
University of Michigan
  Project Manager, Medical Administration
Megan Hutton   2011 -
University of Iowa
  Business Manager, Beaumont Children's Hospital
Molly Kalish   2010 -
University of Michigan
  Project Analyst, Studer Group
Lacey Sapkiewicz   2009 -
University of Michigan
  Director, Heart and Vascular Business Development

Sample Projects

  • completed and filed a Certificate of Need application
  • evaluated effectiveness of pre-employment survey tool in reducing turnover
  • managed capital budgeting process
  • participated on multi-disciplinary "kaizen" process improvement teams to enhance patient flow
  • analyzed nursing unit occupancy and capacity for heart failure patients; worked with Director of Nursing to develop plan for a designated heart failure nursing unit
  • completed orthopedic strategic business plan incorporating a market assessment and growth initiatives
  • facilitated a campus development plan
  • developed and implemented a Surgical Optimization Clinic to improve post-surgical outcomes
  • created an electronic scheduling process for inpatient rehabilitation
  • assisted in coordinating a health collaborative for an underserved area in Metro Detroit
  • collaborated with the Green Team to create a policy and algorithm for expired and non-expired product donation
  • coordinated the business development of a Specialty Pharmacy program