Gynecology Services

Gynecological conditions like heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding between periods, painful periods, pelvic pain, uterine fibroids and infertility are common in women, affecting millions of women each year. But more than just being annoying, these conditions can severely impact the quality of your life.

That’s why having a gynecology specialist to properly diagnose and treat these conditions is essential and why choosing a hospital could be the most important decision you’ll ever make.

Gynecology services at Beaumont provide women with board certified experts, many with subspecialized training. Our hospitals also offer the latest in noninvasive or minimally invasive surgery for:

As the most preferred hospital in Michigan for overall quality of care and physicians, Beaumont has obstetrical and gynecological services provided by some of the most respected physicians in the nation who perform nearly 7,000 deliveries and nearly 10,000 gynecologic surgical procedures each year. Our medical staff includes a number of subspecialists, maternal fetal medicine specialists and gynecologic oncologists. Beaumont is also affiliated with reproductive endocrinologists and infertility specialists.