Speak Up: Prevent Errors in Your Care

Good communication between patients and caregivers is essential to safe and effective treatment and care. By working together and communicating clearly, we can be sure that you receive the kind of care you expect from Beaumont.

Watch some videos from the Joint Commission
that explains the importance of speaking up when you have questions about your health care - from preventing the spread of infection to medication safety.

Two-way communication is important in any relationship, especially between a patient and
health caregiver.

The introduction of CinemaVision has helped our claustrophobic patients get through their MRI procedure with little to no pre-medication and helps put our patients at ease.


Beaumont Metro Detroit Hospitals Offer Screening for High-Risk Breast Cancer

Beaumont's screening program provides a multidisciplinary approach for the identification, management and long-term follow-up of women at increased risk.