Patient Safety is as Important as Medical Progress


Continuous improvements to ensure our patients have the safest hospital experience are made each and every day and
are part of the Beaumont culture.


Our quality and safety team, led by Sam Flanders, M.D., Executive Vice President, Quality, Safety and Clinical
Effectiveness works with clinicians and other staff
to design quality and safety improvement initiatives to
help our care get better. By constantly monitoring quality in a variety of ways we are able to continuously gauge how well we are performing and make improvements that benefit our patients.


New Hospital Technology Puts MRI Patients at Ease

The introduction of CinemaVision has helped our claustrophobic patients get through their MRI procedure with little to no pre-medication and helps put our
patients at ease.


Beaumont Metro Detroit Hospitals Offer Screening for High-Risk Breast Cancer

Beaumont's screening program provides a multidisciplinary approach for the identification, management and long-term follow-up of women at increased risk.