Cold Facts: as temperatures fall, potential dangers rise

Old man winter has recently kicked it into overdrive. Forecasters are calling for continued cold temperature readings over the few days. As temperatures plummet, the chance of frostbite, hypothermia and other health dangers, such as chest pain are on the rise. By following some practical cold weather tips, most people can avoid a trip to the

New robotic kidney tumor procedure benefits high-risk patients

Less invasive kidney-cooling technique successful in patients with one kidney Surgeons at Beaumont Health System are pioneering a technique that uses robotic surgery to remove cancerous kidney tumors in patients with only one kidney. Traditionally such high risk procedures were only performed through open surgery. Doctors at Beaumont Hospital,

8 Things You Should Know About Colds, Flu and Antibiotics

Besides sharing recent holiday cheer, many shared viruses too. The holiday season traditionally kicks off the cold and flu season. Knowing when antibiotics will help relieve symptoms - and when they won't - is key to helping prevent antibiotic resistance.

Beaumont offering winter program for women cancer survivors

Required information session Jan. 7 or Jan. 14 at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak is offering Silver Linings, an eight-week, mindfulness-based stress reduction program, that helps women cancer survivors learn how to reduce stress with tools including meditation, mindful yoga, eating and communication. Silver Linings is

Southeast Michigan Donations Give New Life to Three-Year-Old Patient of Beaumont Children’s Hospital

Generosity of community provides invaluable resources to change lives of local children The sound of a child’s laughter and voice have been said to be magical. Like every child, three-year-old Troy Jones wanted to play, talk and express his feelings. But, unlike his peers, the Royal Oak toddler was suffering from severe verbal apraxia preventing