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Beaumont Health announces appointment of John T. Fox as president
and chief executive officer

The Beaumont Health Board of Directors has announced the appointment of John T. Fox as president and chief executive officer of Beaumont Health. Fox will join the organization in March.

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Heart Failure Rehabilitation Program Offered at Beaumont, Troy

The new cardiac rehabilitation program at Beaumont Hospital, Troy (Mich.), Living with Heart Failure, is a unique, low-cost, self-referral program to provide heart failure patients a supervised exercise plan combined with education (and lectures) to help them successfully manage their disease.    The Living with Heart Failure program

HEALTHY Family Program Teaches Families how to Eat Better, Move More - for Free!

Families wanting to learn how to eat better and move more - and who may not have the budget to do so - may want to take a cue from Nicole Sage of Madison Heights (Mich.) and her children, Tiffany and Joseph. The threesome took part in a recent free healthy breakfast cooking class for parents and children 6 and older at the Beaumont Weight

Active Senior Citizens 'Pump Up,' Make Connections with Others in Optimal Aging Exercise Program

Can you ever be too old to start exercising? If there is such an age, Delores "Dee" Decker of Royal Oak, Mich. hasn't found it. She's 81 and just marked her one-year anniversary in the Optimal Aging exercise program at the Beaumont Health Center. "You feel better," she says. "And my balance is better too."

Pregnant? Give Your Baby an I.Q. Advantage

(One of an occasional series on how to grow and maintain a healthy brain, from pregnancy through old age.) You're trying to have a baby and while you may not think of him as a future Einstein, you want to give him every chance for a healthy brain so he can shine in school and grow up to be a happy, productive adult. Dave Seubert, M.D.,

Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe Surgeon Does 1st Surgery Using da Vinci Robot

Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe now has a state-of-the-art da Vinci® Surgical System. Dinesh Telang, M.D., chief of Surgery at Beaumont, Grosse Pointe recently performed a radical prostatectomy -- the hospital's first surgery using the da Vinci.  "The da Vinci Surgical System combines the knowledge and skills of the surgeon with