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Roseville child battles, defeats rare shoulder cancer

Noah Gochanour complained about pain that wouldn’t go away. Beaumont Children’s Hospital doctors evaluated Noah and discovered the reason for his pain and discomfort: Ewing’s sarcoma, a cancerous tumor in his shoulder.

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Key to healthy school lunches: Planning ahead

Beaumont registered dietitian Christa Byrd says sending children to school with healthy options is easy, especially if parents establish a lunch-making routine.

Women’s urology program Sept. 24 in Royal Oak to address ‘The Unmentionables’

Understandably, it’s something women don’t like to talk about, but millions nationwide experience bladder issues, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction. On Thursday, Sept. 24, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., Beaumont Women’s Urology Center is hosting an evening education program, "The Unmentionables," at Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak in the Administration Building.

Adjust children's sleep schedule for coming school year

Back to school, means a return to school bedtimes. Sleep expert Gary Trock, M.D., is encouraging parents to ease their children back into a school sleep schedule about two weeks before classes resume. Most area students will head back to school on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Patients at the Beaumont Vein Center in Grosse Pointe Farms regain energy and confidence

The Beaumont Vein Center in Grosse Pointe Farms specializes in innovative, nonsurgical varicose vein solutions. After an ultrasound scan is used to assess venous damage, patients consult with their doctor to develop a treatment plan.

Diabetes diagnosis and treatment overwhelms parents, teachers; new tool aims to reduce confusion

Beaumont Children’s Hospital has partnered with several organizations to produce a video called, “Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Schools: A Guide for Non-Medical Personnel in Schools.”

Providing relief from bladder and pelvic pain issues; Beaumont urologists pioneers in neuromodulation

Because of the expertise of urologists at Beaumont Hospital - Royal Oak in treating bladder and pelvic pain, patients from across the nation, Canada and as far away as Australia seek their care.

Beaumont offering eight-week stress reduction program for those with neurological conditions

Beaumont Hospital – Royal Oak is offering an eight-week, mindfulness-based stress reduction program called Compassus. The workshop helps people with neurological conditions learn how to reduce stress with tools including meditation, gentle movement and communication.

Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy injects medical expertise into teacher training and yoga therapy curriculum

Beginning Oct. 3, yoga enthusiasts who want to share their passion with others and/or deepen their individual practice, can participate in a Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy Level I teacher training program, designed to arm them for life’s mental and physical challenges, inside and outside the classroom.

Beaumont Health prostate cancer research findings published in International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics

Failure to control early, localized prostate cancer results in a poor clinical outcome, according to research published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics.

Free senior CarFit check-up will help improve safety for mature drivers

Older drivers are often safe drivers because they are more likely to wear seatbelts, and less likely to speed or drink and drive. However, older drivers are more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash because their bodies are more fragile.