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Karmanos Center for Natural Birth opens at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

There’s a new, safe, natural birthing alternative for expectant moms in Metro Detroit. On Nov. 3, the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth, a one-of-a-kind birthing center that combines the comforts of a high-end home with the safety net of a high-tech hospital, opened at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

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Minimally Invasive Laser Treatment Helps Man Stand Up to Varicose Veins

After standing long hours making presentations for his job as a salesman, Don Zale of Lake Orion couldn't wait to sit down and rest his leg. "After working my right leg started to ache a lot. The pain made me very tired," said Zale, 65. Zale endured chronic pain and cramping in his leg due to varicose veins for more than 20

How to Talk to People with Cancer

Your best friend's doctor has just delivered the news that's guaranteed to send most people reeling - the diagnosis is cancer. What do you say? Ruth Dein, R.N., a licensed/certified counselor and nurse navigator in the Oncology Services program at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, has been talking with cancer patients for 25 years. She's met them

Cardiac Rehab Patients Pump it Up to Help Hearts

As Ronald Vaughn worked through the maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation following a heart attack, he jumped at the chance to add rigorous resistance training. "Some programs rehab you to where you were (before the heart attack)," says Vaughn, 60, of Southfield. "I wanted to do something more." The "something

Surgeons Removing Gallbladder via Tiny Incision in Bellybutton

Surgeons at Beaumont Hospitals are taking minimally invasive surgery one step further when they remove gallbladders. Instead of making four small cuts on the stomach, two surgeons have refined their skills to remove the gallbladder through a ¾-inch incision at the bellybutton. Gallbladder removal, or cholycystectomy (KOE-lee-sis-TEC-tuh-mee),

Neurosurgeon's Advanced Minimally Invasive Technique Relieves Severe Face Pain

Jeff Jackson, 49, of Troy, began having face pain about two years ago. At first the pain was annoying, but later it became more frequent and at times intolerable. "It felt like a red hot ice pick with 220 volts running through it," Jackson explained. "And after the pain went away, I always worried when it might return. It was