Beaumont opens BioSkills Lab: High-tech training center for cardiovascular medical technologies


Beaumont Health System has launched a one-of-a-kind BioSkills Lab providing hands-on training for physicians in the use of new, advanced cardiovascular medical technologies.

Dr. Terry Bowers is performing a simulated intraluminal recannilization
procedure to open a peripheral artery blockage .He is
surrounded by Boston Scientific representatives.

The 950-square-foot lab at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, includes 16 plug-and-play stations for hands-on device manipulation allowing physicians and other clinicians to learn how to use new treatment technologies.

“Once technologies gain Food and Drug Administration and Medicare approval, there’s an important need to train physicians to use them,” says Robert D. Safian, M.D., director of Beaumont’s Center for Innovation and Research in Cardiovascular Diseases. “Through the BioSkills Lab, we are collaborating with medical device companies to train physicians in practice how to use these new technologies for their patients, to transfer technology to the community.”

The BioSkills lab is one of the training and educational components of CIRC, a commercialization program at Beaumont that helps develop innovative cardiovascular technologies and therapies and bring them to the marketplace.

CIRC also includes:

  • A pre-commercialization center for developing new concepts and ideas for preclinical testing
  • A clinical research center for First-in-Man and Investigational Device Exemption patient clinical trials, sponsored by medical device companies and the FDA
  • A state-of-the-art training and educational center, which includes:
    • A hybrid operating room (The Tyner Center for Cardiovascular Interventions), opened in December 2012, where physicians can observe live procedures in an adjoining observation room and receive didactic instruction in an adjoining classroom
    • A simulation lab, providing hands-on training in the management of clinical scenarios using computerized simulation (under development)
  • A digital cinema studio for creation of digital libraries of procedures and web-based physician training (under development)

Beaumont cath lab staff are doing a simulated angioplasty
and stenting procedure. Assisting in the background is
a Boston Scientific representative.

The opportunity to learn from clinicians involved in the research and testing of newly approved medical devices, in a high-tech, hospital-based setting, is a first that is especially important as devices become more sophisticated.

Dr. Safian says the response of medical device companies to the unique approach offered by CIRC has been uniformly positive. Several companies, such as Boston Scientific, Abbott, and St. Jude Medical, have already used the CIRC facilities, and many others are expected to do so in the near future.

Unlike other innovation centers, CIRC is designed to interact with inventors, medical device start-up companies and large medical device corporations at all stages of device development leading up to approval and market release. These stages include concept and design, pre-clinical testing, clinical trials preceding FDA approval, and physician training and education after FDA and Medicare approval.

Dr. Safian says Beaumont patients benefit from the stream of new technologies brought in by CIRC by providing them with access to advanced cardiovascular treatments that are not available elsewhere.

By training physicians from around the world in the use of new technologies, including activities in the BioSkills Lab, CIRC will help transfer new technologies to other communities, so that benefit is extended to patients regionally, nationally and around the world.

In addition, CIRC helps to enhance Beaumont and southeast Michigan as a destination center for cardiovascular research and innovation, by attracting top medical specialists and boosting the local economy.

“Our approach of offering one-stop-shopping for medical device development encourages companies to make a longer-term commitment to doing business in this region,” explains Dr. Safian.

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