Weight Control Center

Studies show that people who are most successful at taking weight off and keeping it off have a team of medical professionals to offer support and advice. The team at the Beaumont Weight Control Center is here to help you feel better and gain the positive attitude about eating and exercise that is critical to weight loss success - and best of all, it could cost less than what you're spending on food now.

The Support You Need

At the Beaumont Weight Control Center, weight problems are treated medically - just like any other serious disease. For more than 15 years, the team at the Beaumont Weight Control Center has helped people, like you, learn how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our program, combines the expertise of dietitians, psychologists, exercise physiologists and doctors is designed to help you achieve your goals. Program participants also have free access to Beaumont's fitness center as well as support groups with people, just like you, overcoming challenges you might find familiar on your road to healthy living.

All programs are customized to fit your needs and combine all the key elements that are critical to losing weight quickly and safely - and keeping it off.

Attend a Free Seminar

You've already taken that first step - you took the initiative to educate yourself on weight-loss options. Why don't you keep up your positive momentum and attend a free seminar? You can learn about the programs and meet some of the team members who can help with your weight control challenges.

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