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Triumph (Inspirational Stories from Beaumont)


Medical problems - from stuttering to cancer, childhood developmental delays to heart attacks and incontinence - can be annoying, troubling and all to often, terrifying. Each year medical advances offer new options that improve survival and recovery and return good health and happiness to millions of people. Beaumont Health System offers many specialized treatments that are bringing patients from all over the world to metro Detroit for their care. Hear the remarkable stories from these patients who have benefitted from these advanced treatments. In their own words, they describe challenges they faced, the help they found and lessons and insights they gained. 

Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit programs and services through the Beaumont Eye Institute and the Beaumont Foundation.

You may purchase Triumph through Amazon or by calling 248-551-0416.

Do you have a Beaumont Doctor? The History and Voices
of Beaumont Hospital











 Some of the surprising stories in the book reveal:

  • How the hospital was renamed Beaumont when, during its construction, a load of bricks was mistakenly delivered to another area hospital.
  • The behind-the-scenes relationship between a Beaumont trauma surgeon and Red Wings Russian hockey star Slava Fetisov after the 1997 Red Wings limousine accident.
  • How a Beaumont radiation oncologist survived the 1956 sinking of the Italian liner S.S. Andrea Doria while in utero - and later met the unknown man who saved him, his pregnant mother and his sister at an Andrea Doria reunion.
  • The genesis of the hospital's memorable "Do You Have A Beaumont Doctor" advertising campaign.
  • That Beaumont doctors first discussed having exploratory talks with Oakland University about a medical school at a 1972 meeting at the Troy Hilton.

The book chronicles the development of the three Beaumont hospitals, research advancements and firsts, philanthropic milestones and future aspirations through the words of people who led the way over Beaumont's 56-year history.

Proceeds from the book support the Oakland University / William Beaumont Hospital School of Medicine Capstone Student Scholarship Fund. 

You may purchase through Amazon or by calling 248-551-0416.