Alternatives To Go!

Are you looking for ideas on ways to make the time you spend caring for your loved one with dementia more meaningful and/or beneficial?

Do you need help dealing more positively with difficult behaviors an elderly parent with dementia exhibits?

Would you like to engage your family and friends of all ages to participate in thoughtful, entertaining activities that everyone will enjoy?

The Alternatives to Go!© bag, was originally developed for nursing staff at Beaumont Hospitals as a tool to offer safe alternatives to the use of restraints for patients with diminished cognitive function and confusion. The contents of the bag provide a variety of diversional activities to help stimulate cognition and memory. We have taught numerous families how to utilize these activities to improve the safety and quality of life of their loved ones.


Take advantage of years of our nursing experience. It's all included in this one bag of Alternatives to Go!© Easy, portable, relaxing, enjoyable and challenging, diversional activities to take wherever you need them.

The therapeutic activities included in the Alternatives to Go!© bag are designed to:

  • Stimulate thinking, sequencing and simple mathematical calculations
  • Facilitate discussion about familiar topics, hobbies, daily living
  • Channel energy into satisfying, purposeful activity
  • Provide fine and gross motor coordination/function
  • Facilitate memory enhancement
  • Prevent treatment interference
  • Improve mood and prevent escalation of agitation
  • Assist with nonverbal communication
  • Prevent Use of Restraints