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Program Outcomes

Program Outcome Data - 2017 - 2019

Graduation rate*

Year % Completion  Student #'s
2017 100%16/16
2018 94%15/16
2019 100%20/20
Average 98% 

*students who began the final half of the program and went on to successfully graduate from the program


Year  % Placement    Student #'s
2017 100% 16/16
2018 100% 15/15
2019 90% 18/20
Average 97%  

**graduates who either found employment in the field (for those who seek employment) or who continued their education within one year of graduation

ASCP-Board of Certification MLS Exam Pass Rate***

1st Time NAACLS Program Pass Comparison

Exam Year    Students Pass    Beaumont Program Hospital National +
2017 12/1392 91 79.6
2018 14/1493 92 79.3
2019 14/1883 90 881.5
Average 89.3 91.0 80.1

***graduates who took the ASCP BOC exam within one year of graduation; first attempt+ all NAACLS programs (hospital-based and university-based)

Beaumont Graduate Retention Rate****

Year # Students    Retention Rate
2017 14/16 88%
2018 14/15 93%
2019 14/18 67%
Average       83%

****graduates who were initially employed with Beaumont Laboratory within first year of graduation

Graduate Testimonials

All graduates are sent an on-line survey approximately one year after program completion. The comments below are from 2012 and 2013 graduates.

"Wonderful program! Felt very prepared and knowledgeable in the laboratory. Everything I've seen on the job had at least been touched on in the program at Beaumont. I'm very proud to be a Beaumont graduate!"

"Beaumont's MLS program is top notch. The instructors and working MTs/MLTs are always willing to answer questions and provide as much hands-on experience as possible. The students are welcomed and respected by the staff. After graduation I felt confident and extremely prepared to work in any facility. I will always remember the theory, techniques, and procedures I learned at Beaumont, and I am very excited to have transitioned from student to technologist so smoothly."

"The Beaumont School of Medical Laboratory Science prepared me well for the ASCP certification exam and for my duties as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. The fast-paced program allowed me to focus better on the material so that in 6.5 months I was more than ready to ace my board exam. With hands on experience on the benches in microbiology, hematology, clinical chemistry, flow cytometry, molecular, and blood bank, I had a really good idea as to which area of the laboratory that I wanted to apply for."

"Despite the program being condensed into 6.5 months, I learned a lot. It really helped to prepare me for the working world, and I still recall and think back to things I've learned at Beaumont. Many of my coworkers who graduated from different programs come to me with questions, which reassures me in my education and background. I don't think I would've learned nearly the amount that I had at a different hospital, and I'm glad I got to experience my internship at Beaumont. Thank you for being an awesome team and for molding so many minds."

"I left the program feeling very prepared. The program helped me relate everything I had learned at my university to a clinical setting.  Initially I was worried about the 6.5 month length not being long enough, but it was plenty of time. Never once did I feel rushed.  The instructors were very thorough with learning objectives, and very helpful. Overall, I had a really positive experience."

"I found the program to be exactly what I needed to prepare for my career.  An individual that is confident in their prerequisite study and theory provided at their bachelor's degree institution is best fit for this program.  I appreciated the lack of redundancy and the extra time spent on the bench.  It definitely felt like the next step beyond my degree rather than simply supplementing my previous studies.  The focus of Beaumont's program is not just passing the ASCP board exam but more towards performing well as a Medical Laboratory Technologist professionally."

"I had a very good experience during the program. The program helped me prepare for my Medical Technology Career."

"The internship prepared me adequately for the position I currently hold.  Every experience was relevant and contributes to my continued success as a medical professional."

"During the program, interns develop the skills that are needed for the medical technology career through hands on learning, classroom work, and from experienced medical technologists. The internship is a fast paced 6.5 month program that prepares future medical technologists for the field. By shadowing medical technologists as they work, techniques and concepts that have been taught in the classroom are able to be both applied and practiced. The internship program requires the interns to be disciplined by studying at home for tests and working on projects. Once the internship was completed, I felt prepared for both the certification test and to begin my career as a medical technologist."

"I feel like Beaumont's CLS program has prepared me very well for both manual and the automation in the laboratory. I will continue to use the skills and information learned from the program in my present job; as well as look back into my notes and books for any questions I have. I have been complimented on many of the skills learned and I am glad I chose Beaumont."

"The short internship was great, and it was a good refresher course of information from college. I liked how it was mostly bench work and not as many lectures. I felt very prepared when joining the Automated Chemistry/Toxicology team at Beaumont."

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