Research & Clinical Trials

The Orthopedic Research Department mantra is: "from bench research to bedside". This principle denotes a service line that defines broad based research ranging from basic science studies (i.e. cell response, microscopy) to clinical trials for FDA submission.  

Our patients are the primary customers. We strive to perform research that will improve surgical procedures and patient outcomes. In order to achieve these improvements, we work in partnership with the Orthopedic Surgery Department's attending surgeons, residents, and fellows to address all subspecialties of Orthopaedic Surgery including Spine, Sports Medicine, Joint Reconstruction, Trauma, Pediatrics, Extremity (Hand, Foot and Ankle) and Shoulder.

Clinical research is a cooperative effort between our physicians, laboratory researchers and members of the Surgery Clinical Trials Office (SCTO). The SCTO manages clinical research in several of the surgical subspecialties and endows orthopedic surgery with the ability to run large-scale projects involving human subjects. Currently, there are over 20 orthopedic studies in various stages of patient follow-up. These studies involve the use of autologous stem cells in fracture healing, repair of articular cartilage injuries, reverse total shoulder arthroplasty, growth factors for promoting spine fusion and intervertebral disc arthroplasty. 

Laboratory researchers are working on various projects, such as bone graft substitute development, computerized implant retrieval library, exploring defects in articular cartilage, and corrosion characteristics of stainless steel orthopaedic devices.









Clinical Trials

Further details including current research projects, research interests and past publications and presentations can be found on the individual webpage for each section of our laboratory. The clinical webpage, listing ongoing clinical trials currently enrolling eligible patients, can be found here.

The Surgical Clinical Trials Office is comprised of dedicated health care professionals who work collaboratively with industry, government, academia and philanthropy to provide comprehensive and efficient research services. The mission of SCTO is to promote innovative high quality human research for improving outcomes while ensuring the highest level of patient safety.