About Beaumont Neuroscience

The Neuroscience Center of Excellence and Beaumont Health System have resolved to invest in the growth of neuroscience care in recognition of the increasing demands from the public for services that include the care of our aging population. Problems such as back and neck pain, headaches and dizziness present in the large majority of the US population and are commonly seen in emergency rooms and primary care physician's offices.

Diagnostic evaluations frequently identify these common symptoms to be caused by degenerative conditions of the spine or disc problems, carotid artery disease leading to strokes, hemorrhages into the brain or on its surface, brain tumors, or subdural hematomas, and degenerative conditions or birth defects. Many of these conditions can be easily identified with modern diagnostic evaluations, and can be solved with interventional neuroscience treatments which often are minimally invasive.

The treatment of patients of all ages is one of the missions of Beaumont's neuroscience specialists and is one we take seriously in neurosciences. We are able to provide neuroscience treatment for neurological patients of any age including newborns and elderly adults. The technical and intellectual resources available at the Beaumont neuroscience centers allow us to care for any level of complexity of problems in the neurological patients, and we are glad to bring these services to the community we serve.

The neuroscience webpage will provide you with an overview of the services available in our facilities, the physicians and medical personnel that work and support our departments, will highlight topics of interest for physicians and patients we serve, and will serve as an ongoing resource for the community we care for.