Adult Reconstruction Surgery Fellowship (Hip & Knee) Didactics

Weekly Planning and Indications (P & I) Conference
This conference represents the mainstay of the fellow's didactic experience. Interesting and challenging cases are presented and discussed preoperatively. The same cases are then reviewed again after surgery so that intra-operative findings can be discussed and post-operative radiographs critiqued. All fellowship teaching staff attend and contribute to the discussion, drawing on their clinical experience as well as current literature appropriate to the cases. The fellow presents cases on behalf of the staff with whom he/she is rotating.

Monthly Joint Reconstruction Journal Club
Ten monthly journal clubs (September through June) are held. Articles from the Journal of Arthroplasty and/or the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery are discussed. This conference is facilitated by assigned teaching staff on a rotating basis. All rotating residents and the fellow are expected to have reviewed the articles in advance and will be called upon to discuss articles selected by the facilitator.

Monthly Morbidity and Mortality (M & M) Conference
The departmental M & M conference, held the last Friday of each month, is a resident run conference at which selected cases are presented in a thorough, in depth manner. Case discussions include exhaustive literature reviews. The fellow will be responsible for the presentation of at least one arthroplasty case during the academic year.

Adult Reconstruction In-Training (OITE) Question Review
Orthopaedic Surgery residents meet weekly throughout the year to discuss and review questions from previous Orthopaedic Surgery in-training examinations. The fellow will be responsible for selecting and facilitating discussion of adult reconstruction surgery questions at this conference. Adult reconstruction surgery sessions are held eight times each academic year.

Arthroplasty Bioskills Laboratory 
Workshops are held in the surgical bioskills learning lab throughout the academic year. While primarily structured as "sawbones" workshops, cadaver labs will also be utilized. All orthopaedic surgery residents and fellows are expected to participate. This conference is facilitated by teaching staff as well as corporate sponsors and allows participants the opportunity to enhance surgical skills outside the operating room.

Gross Anatomy, Hip and Knee Dissection
Musculoskeletal gross anatomy sessions are held weekly throughout the academic year. Prosection is the responsibility of second year orthopaedic surgery residents; the Adult Reconstruction Surgery Fellow will attend and participate in the sessions related to surgical anatomy of the hip and knee.