Ministrelli Women's Heart Center

Welcome to the Ministrelli Women's Heart Center

We know that early detection and diagnosis are key to defeating the number one killer of women - heart disease.  

Almost one out of every three women will die of heart disease. At the Ministrelli Women's Heart Center, Beaumont Health System's physicians and specialists help women just like you, your mother and future generations of women live healthy lives and beat these odds. 

Created with the generous philanthropy of J. Peter and Florine Ministrelli, the Ministrelli Women's Heart Center at Beaumont, Royal Oak is the first center in Michigan dedicated to the detection, prevention and treatment of heart disease in women.

The Ministrelli Women's Heart Center is a state-of-the-art facility with on-site diagnostic capabilities for heart disease in women including stress tests, EKGs  and echocardiograms (heart ultrasounds). Exam rooms are comfortable and warm. And the staff is dedicated to helping women get healthy and stay healthy in order to beat the odds of heart disease.

Heart disease kills more women each year than cancer. With physicians, a nurse practitioner, a registered dietician, medical technicians and an exercise physiologist on staff at the Ministrelli Women's Heart Center, you can learn how to protect yourself from heart disease.

Learn more about the Ministrelli Women's Heart Center by viewing our frequently asked questions.