Heart Valve Clinic

At most hospitals, heart valve surgery is still a major operation. Today, at Beaumont, it's a minimally invasive procedure. Beaumont doctors were first in the country to replace an aortic valve with a tiny catheter and one of a few in Michigan to repair mitral valves with the same approach. And that means almost no incision at all. And today, Beaumont doctors are teaching minimally invasive procedures we use, to others. So that someday they will be available everywhere. The world's most advanced technology and most experienced surgeons are right here. So, when you're choosing a heart hospital... why in the world would you go anywhere else? 

The Heart Valve Clinic of Beaumont is part of our world renowned Heart and Vascular Center, offering the most innovative approaches for the treatment of all types of heart valve disease. Through the advancements of Beaumont's Heart Valve Clinic, patients with no treatment options in the past now have options for even the most complex of valve disease. Our advancements in heart valve disease treatment include:

  • replacing aortic valves through small, 3-inch incisions
  • the most advanced 3-D echocardiography and state-of-the-art imaging to provide us with the most precise diagnostic information than ever before
  • collaborative approaches for the treatment of all types of heart valve disease, including approaches for high-risk patients who previously had no other options.
  • offer catheter techniques and are the only hospital in Michigan to offer transapical approaches

Beaumont's Heart Valve Clinic is dedicated to evaluating and treating the most complex of heart valve diseases. Each patient's situation is evaluated by an interventional cardiologist, cardiac and vascular surgeons to determine the best approach, which may include minimally invasive surgical procedures or innovative transcatheter valve therapies. Our cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons collaborate to provide the best possible heart valve disease treatment option for each and every patient.

Our heart valve disease treatment options include: 

The Heart Valve Clinic is part of the Ernst Cardiovascular Center, dedicated to providing innovative and collaborative approaches for the treatment of the most complex heart and vascular conditions.