About Heart & Vascular Services

Beaumont Heart Centers, Treatments, and Specialists

Beaumont’s Heart and Vascular Services team is armed with the latest technological advances and the expertise necessary to lead the fight against heart disease and deliver high-quality care.

Our cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons perform nearly 500,000 procedures and tests a year, with mortality rates well below national averages. The collaboration of our specialists ensures that our patients receive the heart and vascular treatment and care they need and deserve – from diagnosis to rehabilitation and beyond.

Beaumont's state-of-the art facilities allow its Heart and Vascular specialists to offer comprehensive heart and vascular care.

  • The Ernst Cardiovascular Center provides innovative and collaborative approaches for the treatment of the most complex heart and vascular conditions, including atrial fibrillation, heart valve disease, aortic aneurysm, heart failure and more. 
  • Experts in this heart and vascular center and at each campus act quickly and effectively to treat a heart attack or stroke. Cardiologists, vascular disease specialists and surgeons use the latest technology and innovative procedures to diagnose the disease and treat it, often without major surgery.
  • Beaumont's 7 for $70 is a series of tests, including state-of-the-art ultrasounds of your major arteries, to find out your risk for a heart attack or stroke - all for only $70.
  • Because almost one out of every two women will die of heart disease, the Ministrelli Women's Heart Center was established as the first heart and vascular center in Michigan dedicated to the detection, prevention and treatment of heart disease in women.
  • Beaumont is the only hospital in Oakland and Macomb counties that can provide comprehensive interventional care for stroke patients any time, day or night. All three hospitals are nationally certified primary stroke care centers with specialized inpatient care for patients with neurological conditions.

With outcomes that are among the best in the country, Beaumont is a world-renowned heart and vascular center right here in your community.

Find a Beaumont doctor online or call 800-633-7377 for a referral to a Beaumont doctor that is right for you.