Request for Sponsorship

Beaumont believes we have a responsibility to make a difference and improve the health and well being of the neighborhoods in which we live and serve. We reach out to and establish partnerships with other non-profit organizations, civic groups, human service agencies and educational institutions that represent the diverse nature of our communities.

Beaumont takes pride in being socially responsible and investing in our local communities. We accomplish this through a number of means, including actively participating in and sponsoring compatible causes and programs within the community.

Beaumont supports social service or charitable organizations that are tax‐exempt, nonprofit Section 501 (c) (3) and 501 (c) (4) organizations in the following categories:

  • events and organizations that relate to health promotion, wellness and disease prevention
  • events and organizations that promote education and diversity
  • events that support community outreach and development; community enrichment or cultural arts support must relate to improving patient experience or be related to strategic mission or support market growth
  • events and organizations that help Beaumont attain Community Health Needs Assessment goals
  • events and organizations that Beaumont management teams and staff are engaged in on behalf of Beaumont, to further community involvement (Beaumont Health leaders who serve on community boards of directors that benefit our organization and the communities that we serve)
  • events and organizations that support the strategic growth initiatives, including Centers of Excellence, Clinical Integration Councils and service lines that fall outside of the scope of these councils

We do not support:

  • individuals
  • individual public and individual private schools
  • religious activities, in whole or in part for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine. (We will not fund a single church synagogue or religious institution.)
  • sponsorships outside of our combined primary service areas
  • sports organizations at any level
  • golf outings
  • candidates for public office
  • travel costs
  • capital campaigns
  • multi‐year pledges

A sponsorship and donation committee meets bi-monthly to determine all sponsorships. All requestors will receive written notice either via email or by letter of the committee's decision.

Please email or fax (248-551-8175) backup paperwork.

Contact Darlene Niksic at 248-551-5411 for more information.