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About Charlotte

Surgeons from Beaumont's Ian Jackson Craniofacial and Cleft Palate Clinic have spent the past five months reconstructing the nose, lip and ear of Charlotte Ponce, a 10-year-old Spring Lake girl attacked by a raccoon. Her face was disfigured when she was three months old.

On Friday, November 30, Charlotte underwent her fifth surgery in as many months, which was her last surgery for the next six months (when doctors will then begin work on reconstructing Charlotte's ear).

Follow the procedure through Beaumont's Twitter page or by following the hashtag #HealingCharlotte.

About this surgery

This surgery completed Charlotte's nasal reconstruction with division and inset of forehead flap. This will give her full breathing abilities through her nose again. Her lip reconstruction was completed with the last surgery and the next procedure will be her ear reconstruction.

Timeline of previous surgeries

August 15, 2012
First-stage nasal reconstruction with release of star contracture bilateral nose

September 4, 2012
Re-inset of the columella radial forearm skin flap

October 4, 2012
Second stage of nasal reconstruction with a forehead flap; nasal structure support with costal cartilage graft to create the nasal columella, bilateral nasal ala and nasal dorsum

November 2, 2012
Third stage nasal reconstruction with thinning of the forehead flap; first stage upper lip reconstruction with Abbe flap

November 16, 2012
Fourth stage nasal reconstruction with flap defatting and readjustment of the columellar structure with complex closure of the nose and local tissue rearrangement; second stage lip reconstruction with division and inset of the Abbe flap

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