Professional Education

Before You Start

After you’ve matched or been accepted into a program you will need to complete the following to be ready to start your program:

  • sign your contract and return as directed
  • complete all on-boarding requirements as directed
  • apply for your Michigan educational medical and controlled substance licenses
    • if this is your first Michigan license, you will also need to get finger-printed and complete a background check
    • you will be reimbursed for these costs after you start
  • arrange for housing
    • information about living in Southeastern Michigan and the specific community in which your program is based is provided
  • your contract is conditional upon passing a Pre-Employment Physical Examination at Occupational Health no more than 30 days in advance
    • the exam includes TB, drug and nicotine testing
      • TB testing requires a return visit within 72 hours
      • if positive for drugs, including nicotine, you are NOT eligible to enter your residency or fellowship program, or engage in any employment at Beaumont
        • this is reported as a violation of the match agreement  
  • complete all computer-based modules in the Orientation Curriculum as directed
    • if you need a computer to complete your assignments, contact the GME Office for access to the computer classroom the week prior to Orientation
  • complete all required certifications (e.g., BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS) as directed by your program coordinator
    • we will reimburse costs (provide receipt for an approved American Heart Association course) after you start, or you may take the required classes at Beaumont the week of June 18, 2018 (link to schedule and registration) at no cost

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