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Gastroenterology Fellowship, Farmington Hills


Meet our fellows

Year 3 (2017 - 2020)

Bischoff, Robert D.O.
Robert Bischoff, DO

Beaumont Hospital,
Farmington Hills

Raphael, Mark DO
Mark Raphael, DO
Beaumont Hospital,
Farmington Hills

Year 2 (2018 - 2021)

Jensen, Mark DO
Mark Jensen, DO

Beaumont Hospital,
Farmington Hills

Lee, Michelle DO
Michelle Lee, DO
Beaumont Hospital,
Farmington Hills

Year 1 (2019 - 2022)

Michael Kinning, DO

Genesys Regional
Medical Center

Kappadakunnel Melanie DO
Melanie Kappadakunnel, DO
Beaumont Hospital,
Farmington Hills

Recent graduates


Heather Elizabeth Carroll, DO - Private practice in Traverse City, Michigan

Christian J. Sullivan, DO – Private practice in Bristol, Tennessee


Reem H. Jarbou, DO – Private practice affiliated with Beaumont Hospital, Troy.

Than Nguyen, DO – Private practice in Vacaville, California.


Christopher Wood, DO – Private practice in Salina, Kansas. 

Ward Zeno, DO – Private practice in Kingsport, Tennessee. 


Gretchen N. Anderson, DO - Private practice in Albany, Georgia. 

Keval Dipak Shah, DO - Private practice in Los Angeles, California. 


Timothy Sindoll, DO – Private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii 


Katie Sumnicht, DO – Private practice in Farmington Hills, Michigan and G.I. teaching staff Beaumont, Farmington Hills

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Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs
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