Curriculum Reiki Therapy

An Introduction to Reiki Therapy: The Research and the Science

Training Objectives

  • Define relevant medical and scientific terms and concepts
  • Explain the physiology of stress and its role in disease
  • Describe the underlying principles and therapeutic mechanisms of Reiki therapy
  • Summarize research studies noting statistically significant results with Reiki treatment
  • Perform a self- Reiki session to observe its use as a tool for stress reduction and self-care
  • Recognize the standard Reiki therapy treatment protocol
  • Identify energy variations in the human body

Reiki Level II - Training Overview

  • Brief review of the key concepts from the Level One training
  • Sharing insights from required readings
  • Reiki in the medical setting
  • Emotions, health and healing
  • The endocrine system/chakra interface
  • The use of symbols in Reiki: the 1st three symbols
  • Learn the hand positions and techniques for standard Reiki treatment protocols
  • The biology of pain
  • Effective practitioner communication
  • Observe additional hand positions for specific health concerns
  • Instructor shares lessons learned
  • Hands-on Reiki treatment practice

Reiki Level III - Advanced Practitioner, Master Level

  • Review key concepts from Levels I and II
  • Explain the role of awareness in health/healing
  • Describe recent research updates
  • Discuss key concepts from required articles and books
  • Identify challenges/insights learned from facilitating Reiki
  • Reviews documentation of 25 required Reiki Treatments
  • Each student to share a case study from their experience
  • A deeper look at anatomy, physiology
  • The impact of pain and trauma
  • Review symbols/introduce Level III symbols
  • Demonstrate six advanced practice techniques
  • Review techniques: hands-on-practice
  • Discuss professional standards

Reiki Program Instructor

Julie Kusiak, MA is an employee of the Integrative Medicine Department. She has served as an educator, in the community and hospital setting, for 28 years. She is an experienced Reiki practitioner, trained at the Master/Teacher level. She is also a Yoga Therapist, certified at the 1000 hour level of training (PTY 1000).