Oakland University - Beaumont Nurse Anesthesia Program Information

Time Commitment

The time commitment involved in graduate study is extremely rigorous and additional employment is discouraged.

  • Students can expect to spend an average of 64 hours a week in class and clinical throughout the 28 months.
  • There are 30 days off allotted throughout the program, in addition to major holidays.
  • Students are expected to attend various in-state meetings and seminars, at their own cost.
  • Students spend up to 1 day per month in the Simulation Lab.
  • Off shifts hours (midnight, afternoon and weekend) are required.
  • Students will rotate to rural sites throughout the state of Michigan during the course of the program.


Student health care is currently available.

  • Students have the option of enrolling in the Beaumont Hospital Student Health Care Program.
    • This program provides medical coverage for the student only at Beaumont facilities.
    • There is a monthly fee.
    • This plan excludes maternity coverage.
  • Students also have the option of enrolling on the Oakland Univiersity Student Health Care Program
    • This program has the option of adding family members
    • There is a monthly fee

Program Costs

Program length: 28 Months
Credits: 58
Semesters: 7
Tuition for the program: $7,650* per semester
Council on Certification SEE: $125
AANA membership cost: $200
Certification exam (graduation): $725
Books: $1,000
Other costs: $6,500 (approximately) conferences, travel and lodging

Students are responsible for costs incurred for travel while in the program, including gas, lodging and meals.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available through http://www.oakland.edu/financialaid/ and a loan program through the military.

Email christopher.e.olson20.mil@mail.mil for additional information on financial aid from the U.S. Army. For the U.S. Navy, contact iman.parirokh@navy.mil.