Weight Loss Support Groups

Beaumont offers a variety of weight loss support groups for people who are participants of the Weight Control and Bariatric Surgery Programs. Each support group will give you the tools and encouragement you need to continue on your path to weight loss success. 

In addition to these weight loss support groups, Beaumont offers the Buddy Program. It is designed to pair individuals for peer support with the goal of making healthy lifestyle changes and achieving long-term weight loss goals. Participation is optional and free to Weight Control Program and Bariatric Surgery Support Program patients.

For more information on all of the weight loss support groups, call 888-899-4600.

Weight Control Program Support Groups

Weekly Weight Loss Support Group

These interactive weight loss support group sessions are open to Weight Control Program participants. They are led by licensed psychologists or counselors and are aimed at empowering clients to achieve weight loss goals. Participants are educated on tools that are proven to help change habits to long-term healthy lifestyle habits.

Weight Maintenance Support Group

This support group is open to Weight Control Program participants. Interactive and supportive group sessions led by licensed psychologists or counselors help participants to reinforce tools that enable long-term weight maintenance.

Bariatric Surgery Program Support Groups

Bariatric Support Group

Our bariatric educational support group is a critical component of success. All patients who have had bariatric surgery or are committed to having surgery, along with a support person, are welcome to attend. It is a chance to share experiences throughout the process and gain knowledge from professionals. There is also the opportunity to develop friendships and receive support from peers.

Structure of this weight loss support group:

  • Meetings are weekly and facilitated by a licensed psychologist or counselor, a registered dietitian or other health professional within the field. Formal and informal group discussion is an important part of each meeting.
  • Royal Oak meetings are held weekly from 6 to 7 p.m. on Mondays; you are welcome to stay and talk to one another for 30 minutes after the group is over.
  • Rochester Hills meetings are held weekly from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays.