Weight Loss Specialists

Wendy Miller, M.D.
Medical director, Weight Control Center and Beaumont Healthy Kids Program 

Following her graduation from Wayne State University School of Medicine, Dr. Miller completed a residency in internal medicine at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. She is board certified in internal medicine, bariatric medicine and as a physician nutrition specialist. In her role at the Weight Control Center, Dr. Miller leads the multidisciplinary team of weight loss specialists who treat overweight and obese patients. She performs research on the affects of obesity and the effectiveness of interventions related to obesity. She also provides preoperative medical evaluation and long-term follow up care for bariatric surgery patients. Dr. Miller says she is inspired by the dedication of the multidisciplinary team of weight loss specialists at the center as well as the patients who, through the help of the center, are able to resolve weight-related health issues and succeed in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “Every day I am able to celebrate with patients their triumphs in achieving better health and improved quality of life,” she says. “It is definitely an inspiration!”

Kerstyn Zalesin, M.D.
Medical director, Bariatric Surgery Support Program

Dr. Zalesin sees the impact of what she does every day in the lives of the patients she sees. “I love this job because I am able to be a part of so many positive changes for our patients,” she says. Dr. Zalesin is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed her residency in internal medicine at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. She is board certified in internal medicine and bariatric medicine and has published extensively on topics related to weight loss and bariatric medicine.

Dr. Lee

Denise Lee, D.O.
Staff Physician, Weight Control Center and Beaumont Health & Wellness Center

Dr. Lee is board certified in internal medicine and has had an interest in weight management and preventive healthcare since completion of her residency at Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center in 2002. She graduated medical school from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. She is excited to participate in the latest research at Beaumont, trying to understand the most effective treatments for weight loss and bariatric issues. Dr. Lee believes in a holistic approach for her patients, taking into account each patient’s mind, body and spirit. “It is an extreme privilege for me to be able to help patients get healthier and empower them to improve their own lives,” Dr. Lee says.

Martin Lillystone
Exercise physiologist, Weight Control Center

A Beaumont Weight Control Center specialist since 1989, Marty’s responsibilities include teaching patients how to develop safe, comfortable and effective exercise habits. “I really enjoy being in the company of people making lifestyle changes that enable them to enjoy an enhanced quality of life,” he says. Marty received his bachelor’s degree in health fitness in preventive and rehabilitative programs and his master’s degree in health education, both from Central Michigan University. He is certified as a clinical exercise specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Weight Loss Specialist, Silvia Veri

Silvia Veri, R.D.
Nutrition supervisor, Weight Control Center

With more than a dozen years of experience, Silvia provides patients at the Weight Control Center with nutritional counseling and education for weight management. In her daily practice, she sees pre- and post-bariatric surgery patients as well as adult and pediatric patients in the medical weight loss programs offered by Beaumont. While she enjoys teaching nutrition and cooking classes in the center and in the community, what Silvia loves most about her job are the individual relationships she forms with patients. “The highlight of my job is helping these patients achieve their weight loss goals through education and counseling,” she says. Silvia graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in medical dietitics and is certified by the American Dietitic Association in adult, childhood and adolescent weight management.

Kevin Sloan
Psychologist, Weight Control Center

Kevin received his master’s degree in psychology from Eastern Michigan University and has more than 20 years of experience helping patients in Beaumont’s non-surgical weight loss program. His daily responsibilities include performing assessments, facilitating group session and individual therapy and program development. He also performs research and community education programs and is a certified life coach. Kevin sees the impact he has on patients every day. “I enjoy seeing the health improvement and improved quality of life that they experience,” Kevin says of his patients. “They have genuine appreciation for our program and our assistance.”

Tracy Juliao, Ph.D.

Dr. Juliao completed her graduate work at Columbia University, focusing on developmental and counseling psychology. She completed her residency training at the Ann Arbor Veterans Administration Health System in neuropsychology, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in health psychology coordinated by Michigan State University. Dr. Juliao enjoys assisting patients with addressing behavioral and emotional issues that impact physical health and weight management, as well as helping them to implement lifestyle modifications that are needed for long-term weight loss success. 

Bethany Kramer, R.D.
Dietitian, Weight Control Center

Bethany is a weight loss specialist and registered dietitian. She has a master’s degree in nutrition from Wayne State University. Bethany is certified with the American Dietetics Association certified in training in childhood and adolescent weight management. Bethany has been employed at the Beaumont Weight Control Center since July of 1999. She enjoys the preventive aspect of patient care and seeing positive results that lifestyle improvement impacts long-term patient health.


Mary Ligotti-Hitch, R.D.
Dietitian, Weight Control Center

Mary graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in dietetics.  She is registered through the Commission on Dietetic Registration with the American Dietetics Association and certified in Adult Weight Loss Management, also through the ADA.  Mary has held various positions working with children and families in the area of nutrition. As a dietitian and weight loss specialist with the Weight Control Center, she provides individual and group nutrition counseling for bariatric and traditional weight control patients, teaches nutrition classes and leads adult and children cooking classes. Mary enjoys supporting patients as they travel through their journey toward healthier lifestyles.