The Beaumont Diet Plan

Lose weight, keep it off with the Beaumont Weight Control Program

With the Beaumont Diet, a personalized health and diet plan, you can achieve weight loss, maintain a healthy weight and improve or resolve serious health conditions, while also looking and feeling better than ever.

What is the Beaumont Weight Control Program?

Designed by experts in weight management, nutrition, exercise physiology and behavior management, a Beaumont health and diet plan is customized for you. 

Your plan may include food plans, meal replacements, nutritional supplements as well as:

  • individual sessions with a dietitian and exercise physiologist with years of experience in weight loss
  • individual sessions with a psychologist trained in weight management behavior modification and a physician who specializes in nutrition and weight loss
  • medical monitoring by a healthcare provider
  • support groups
  • use of the Beaumont Health Center exercise facilities
  • cooking and nutrition classes to support your new healthy living goals

And the great thing about the Beaumont health and diet plan is that your support won’t end when you achieve your goal. In fact, you’ll have free access to weekly support groups for weight maintenance, individual sessions with dietitians and exercise physiologists and use of the exercise equipment at the Beaumont Health Center.

Does it really work?

Yes! In a published study, patients who took part in the Beaumont Diet lost an average of 47 pounds in 20 weeks. On average, the weight loss at four years is also 47 pounds. The results have been repeated in thousands of patients who have participated in Beaumont Weight Control Program since its inception more than 20 years ago.

The secret to this success really isn’t a secret at all. The Beaumont Diet isn’t a fad diet. It works because it is a lifestyle change that is guided by a multidisciplinary team of experts who will help you to understand your barriers to weight loss, including:

  • what your triggers for overeating are
  • how to overcome your weight loss challenges
  • how to manage stress more effectively
  • how to cope with cravings and increase your accountability for your health 

Is it covered by insurance?

Many Beaumont weight control services are covered by insurance. The program also can be tailored to fit your budget. Often, the program costs less than what you would normally spend on food each week.