Weight Loss Solutions

If you’ve had a weight problem all your life, maybe what you really have is a medical problem and what you need isn’t another fad diet, it’s a doctor. Whether it’s through lifestyle changes or surgery, Beaumont’s multidisciplinary team of specialists offer medical weight loss solutions through one of Michigan’s largest, most acclaimed weight control centers. 

Medical Weight Loss

There are many short-term and long-term risks associated with being overweight. It is important to understand your weight and your health so you can make informed decisions about nutrition and exercise. The weight loss specialists in the Beaumont Weight Control Center will help you understand how your lifestyle can affect your health.

Once your lifestyle and nutritional profile is assessed, a health care provider will create an individualized diet plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The medical weight loss team will be with you every step of the way for support and guidance.

Bariatric Surgery

Some may qualify for procedures other than the medical weight loss program. Beaumont offers the Bariatric Surgery Program which is a comprehensive weight loss surgery program, supported by a multidisciplinary team of physicians who can help you lose weight and keep it off.

It is important to remember you are not alone. More than two-thirds of adults in America are overweight or obese, and it’s an epidemic that is rapidly growing with serious consequences. However, it’s never too late to take charge of your weight and take back your life.