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Learning from Teaching Credit

Learning from Teaching Medical Students and Residents

Guidelines for Requesting ‘Learning from Teaching’ Credit

As a medical educator, you can earn AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ (CME credit) for your own professional development to recognize the learning associated with the preparation for and teaching of Oakland University William Beaumont (OUWB) School of Medicine medical students and residents/fellows in Beaumont Health ACGME-accredited facilities/programs.

This exercise focuses on the medical education competency, practice-based reflection and improvement: demonstration of continuous self-assessment and lifelong learning to improve effectiveness and capacity as an educator.  The purpose of this exercise is to reflect upon your medical education practices, identify your teaching weakness and modify your teaching techniques and approaches to improve your current educational practice, and develop and implement a plan to achieve personal educational goals.

To receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for teaching medical students, residents or fellows, the following rules apply:

  • The process applies only to teaching OUWB medical students and/or residents/fellows in Beaumont’s ACGME-approved programs, which are listed on the form.
  • You must engage in some new learning that will be applied to teaching; this is credit for the learning that is employed in the preparation for teaching.
  • You may receive two AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for each hour that you engage in teaching; a maximum of 50 ‘Learning from Teaching’ credits may be earned per year (for 25 hours of teaching).
  • If you teach the same content on more than one occasion, even to a different audience, you may claim credit only once. However, whenever you undertake new learning, even on a previous topic, that becomes a new learning-teaching combination eligible for credit.

How to Get Credit

  • Complete and submit the Learning Associated with Teaching Medical Students and Residents application.
  • You must apply for ‘Learning from Teaching’ credit within one (1) month of the teaching experience.
  • Report only your teaching time; do not include your learning time. The Beaumont CME office will calculate the amount of credit you will be awarded by doubling the teaching time then rounding to the nearest quarter-hour.  
  • Beaumont CME cannot process incomplete submissions.

Additional Information & FAQs

  • American Medical Association - FAQs 
  • Association of American Medical Colleges
  • This activity is eligible for meaningful participation (MP) credits.
  • MP Questions? Contact Deirdre Pitts, 248-370-2471 or Brian December, 248-370-3626.
  • CME Questions? Contact Brooke Taylor, 248-551-0908 or
  • Please note, this is not credit for the act of teaching, but rather the learning that occurs in the process of preparing for the teaching experience.
  • Spending time with students or residents by itself is not sufficient to receive credit.


Applications must be submitted through the online process.

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