Beaumont Health System's Board of Directors is composed of residents of the communities the Beaumont hospitals serve.

The Board of Directors is invested by the organization's bylaws as having "complete and ultimate authority and responsibility for the operation of the [organization]."

Directors are elected to three-year terms. Terms are staggered so that not more than one-third of the directors are elected (or re-elected) in any one year. Directors serve without compensation.

The following is a list of Beaumont's Board of Directors.


Stephen R. Howard - Chair

Mark Shaevsky - Vice Chair

Barbara Mahone - Treasurer

Gale R. Colwell - Secretary

Gene Michalski - President and Chief Executive Officer

Ananias C. Diokno, M.D. - Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Christopher J. Blake

Warren Elliott Rose

Robert K. Burgess

James I. Rosenthal

Van E. Conway

Robert S. Taubman

Susan E. Cooper

S. Evan Weiner

Robert C. Embde

Walter J. Wolpin

Bennie W. Fowler, II

Hadley Mack French

John P. Hartwig

Geoffrey L. Hockman

Martha James Quay

Directors Emeritus and Honorary Trustees

Caroline A. Davis

Margaret G. Lamont

Harold A. Poling

Thomas G. Denomme

Aubrey W. Lee

Robert E. Reid, M.D.

Charles J. Ghesquiere, Jr.

Thomas S. Maentz

Stephen Toth, Jr.

William R. James

Kenneth J. Matzick

Ted D. Wasson

Wilburn L. Johnson Kenneth E. Myers