Preteen, Teen and Young Adult Medicine

The Adolescent Medicine department of Beaumont Children's Hospital provides specialty care on a referral basis from pediatricians, family doctors or in response to parent requests. Specially trained physicians evaluate preteens to young adults up to age 20 to address the physical, emotional and social changes that occur during the adolescent years. Teenagers are given the opportunity to meet with their provider alone for part of the visit and parent(s) are consulted to participate as partners to facilitate health-focused behaviors when appropriate. A strong family relationship provides a foundation for teenagers to build upon as they assume increasing responsibility for decisions.

The Hough Center for Adolescent Health features specialty care for adolescents facing a variety of concerns. Our eating disorder program addresses medical management related to known or suspected eating disorders including, but not limited to, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and preoccupation with weight or healthy eating that interferes with growth and development. The clinicians at the Hough Center provide medical evaluation and ongoing treatment through a generous grant from the Hough family. Patients are also connected with dietitians who specialize in eating disorders and are referred to community therapists. Please click here for more information on the eating disorders program.

The Adolescent Gynecology Clinic is housed in Suite #329 of the Medical Office Building on the campus of Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. Patients are seen at this location for menstrual concerns, absence of periods, vaginal discharge, need for contraception, evaluation and management of sexually transmitted infections and evaluation for pregnancy. Coordination of care with a gynecologist with special interest in adolescent medicine is arranged when necessary. Adolescents do require parental consent for treatment in general, however, sexual and reproductive health care can be provided privately and confidentially unless the teenager prefers to involve a parent in these discussions.