Wound Treatment Centers

If you are suffering from a non-healing wound, you're not alone.

Beaumont's conveniently located Wound Treatment Centers can help. Our doctors and nurses are dedicated to treating wounds that have resisted healing after months and even years of traditional treatment.

We have an impressive record of healing wounds that others thought hopeless, including many that might have required amputation.

If you have a sore or wound that has not improved or healed in four to eight weeks, you should ask your doctor about Beaumont's Wound Treatment Centers.

Our medical staff includes Beaumont physicians specializing in:

  • vascular surgery
  • plastic surgery
  • general surgery
  • podiatric surgery

Our nursing staff includes:

  • a nurse practitioner with advanced training in vascular and wound care
  • registered nurses certified in wound care

Wound Treatment Center Services

  • advanced treatments and technology, including our new Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • access to Beaumont hospitals and facilities including laboratory and radiology services

Locations, Hours and Phone Numbers