Occupational Physical Therapy


To provide specialized occupational physical therapy for patients requiring complex care to gain daily functional ability and to take them to the next level of performance.

Service Overview

Occupational physical therapists direct one-on-one care utilizing specialized techniques to guide and assist patients to obtain an optimal outcome. The patients receive education regarding their condition, pain management techniques and an individualized home exercise program which complements their clinical therapy. The frequency and duration of supervised occupational therapy sessions are determined by medical necessity based on the patient's condition. Occupational therapy usually requires a 60-90 minute commitment, 2-3 times a week until the patient achieves his/her goals.

Specialized Occupational Physical Therapy Programs

  • Arthritic Hand Program - Troy
  • Worksite Evaluations/Ergonomics
  • WorkAbilitySM program - Royal Oak
  • Back on Track - to prepare patients for spinal surgery - Troy
  • Joint Adventure - pre-surgical program for TKA and THA - Troy
  • HOPE - pre-surgical program for TKA and THA - Royal Oak

Skills and Licensure of Clinicians

Certified Hand Therapists, Craniosacral Therapists are on staff to meet patients' needs. Each of these certifications requires advanced post-graduate education.