General Orthopedic Therapy

General orthopedic therapy provides a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation from which comprehensive treatment goals and plans of care are developed and customized to each patient's condition.

Service Overview

The therapists provide one-on-one care to guide and assist the patients to obtain the maximal benefit from therapy with an optimal outcome. The patients receive education regarding their condition, pain management techniques and an individualized home exercise program which complements their clinical therapy. The frequency and duration of treatment is determined by medical necessity based on the patient's condition. Therapy usually requires a 30-90-minute commitment, 2-3 times a week until the patient achieves his/her goals.

Specialized Programs

  • Back on Track - to prepare patients for spinal surgery - Troy
  • Baby Your Back - educational brochure; proper lifting post-partum - Troy
  • Joint Adventure - pre-surgical program for TKA and THA - Troy
  • HOPE - pre-surgical program for TKA and THA - Royal Oak
  • Performing Artists' Program

Skills and Licensure of Clinicians

The Beaumont Orthopedic Therapy team consists of more than 350 experienced, licensed professionals who have been serving their surrounding communities for over 50 years with leading-edge therapy. All of our physical and occupational clinicians maintain ongoing continuing education. Therapists who have advanced post-graduate education are located at each of our multiple facilities.

Outcomes Statement

The overwhelming majority of our patients surveyed report they would recommend Beaumont therapy services to their
family and friends.

Conditions Treated

We treat all levels of dysfunction related to the musculoskeletal system of the spine and extremities.

Geriatric Therapy

For your post acute care, Beaumont + Premier offer unique, personalized, short and long term rehabilitation services in state-of-the-art facilities located across the Metro Detroit area. Our progressive rehabilitation team includes over 400 skilled Physical, Occupational and Speech Language therapists that provide superior care in the Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties.

Click here for a list of facilities that offer a complete line of rehabilitation care under the direction of Board Certified Physiatrists.


We accept coverage from most major insurance companies. Discount programs are available for those who qualify.


  • Pain management
  • Improve flexibility and ease of movement
  • Maximize functional ability to perform daily and recreational activities
  • Improve posture and body mechanics
  • Improve overall body strength and endurance
  • Promote balance and proprioception