WorkAbility Program

The WorkAbilitySM Program is a highly specialized occupational therapy and rehabilitation service that helps people return to work after an occupational injury, accident or illness, and assists employers and employees in preventing on-the-job injuries.

Service Overview

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE): An evaluation of the client's physical ability and cognitive capabilities to safely perform critical job demands. Work Hardening: Graded work simulation of actual job tasks and conditioning exercises to help people return to work and increase level of function.

On-site Job Analysis: Task analysis to identify physical and cognitive demands of the job and potential ergonomic stressors. Video and still-picture documentation is available with the WorkAbility Program.

Education: Instructing clients in proper use of body mechanics, pain-controlling techniques, ergonomics and exercise programs.

Industrial Injury Prevention: Comprehensive and objective evaluation of a work site and in-service training to various industries with recommendations regarding ergonomic issues. Follow-up programs are available to assist with implementation of recommendations.

Job Coaching: Working with the client at the work site, we provide recommendations for job accommodations and body mechanic instruction; essentially "coaching" clients while they perform critical job demands.

Detailed Report: Reflects client's level of functioning as it relates to critical job demands with recommendations for physicians.

Conditions Treated

The Beaumont WorkAbility Program treats a wide variety of diagnoses including but not limited to:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Neurological and neuromuscular disorders
  • Orthopedic neck, back, upper extremity and lower extremity injuries
  • Repetitive motion/cumulative trauma injuries


Workers' Compensation and auto insurances provide coverage for the WorkAbility Program with prior authorization. Individuals may qualify for alternative funding. Most medical insurances policies do not cover this service. Coverage depends on individual benefits.


  • Our industrial room (837 sq. ft.) is one-of-a-kind. It features job simulation equipment, including: overhead conveyor belt, grinder, air compressor, band saw, table saw, drill press, hand and electrical tools, scaffolding construction cube
  • Material-handling work stations
  • Cardio-workout: treadmills, Nu-steppers, elliptical machine
  • Motion-controlled driver seat to simulate truck and Hi-Lo driving